An industry poised for growth

Emerging markets and shifting consumer demand are creating new opportunities in food and beverage, with business leaders investing in new products, markets and distribution models. At Grant Thornton, we can help you turn these trends to your advantage, while providing you with a clear route for growth.

Why Grant Thornton?

Our extensive knowledge of the food and beverage industry means we understand the challenges your business faces and can offer effective solutions.

Our teams will take a detailed look at your business and help you to optimise your operations. We’ll help you to improve productivity, making sure you run at the best possible efficiency across your supply chain.

We can also support your ambitions to grow and expand into new markets through our extensive knowledge of mergers and acquisitions. We’ll work with you to explore risks, examine how changing rules can create opportunities and make sure you benefit from relevant tax breaks.

Key services

We can support you with:

Despite challenges like product safety, supply-chain integrity, costs, sustainability, demand for local items, and increasing regulation, the global food and beverage industry is poised for growth.

Grant Thornton’s food and beverage specialists can help you with business planning, productivity and efficiency, meeting regulations, supporting international expansion, and identifying incentives and tax breaks.

We can also help you with budgeting and forecasting, succession plans, valuing assets, audit and tax compliance, and equity and debt market financing.

Our clients in this sector include growers, processers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, importers and exporters. The breadth of our client base gives us valuable insights into the complexity of the industry.

Issue – Food security

How it affects your business

Today there are more overweight than underweight people on the planet. Yet more than 850 million still go hungry every day. Access to safe, nutritious food is one of the geopolitical emergencies of our time.

How to respond? Emerging markets and shifting consumer demand present great opportunities. At the same time, advances in product integrity and supply-chain traceability are forcing up costs and increasing regulation.

This mixed picture has led to years of delayed investments. But the time has come when business leaders can confidently invest in new products, capacity and distribution channels as a way to break into new markets.

Action – How Grant Thornton can help

We know the big picture and can help you take advantage of mega trends through business planning, improving productivity and efficiency, meeting regulatory requirements, and supporting international expansion.

We also know the essential fine print that comes with being in the food business.

Issue – Making the most of export markets

Market demand in China, India, Pakistan and South East Asia is growing rapidly, especially for premium, luxury and healthy foods. This creates huge openings for Afghan fruits, vegetables and beverage exporters, especially those able to adapt products to local tastes. That said, be prepared for strong competition from other international, as well as local, suppliers.

How Grant Thornton can help

We can help you identify and seize opportunities – from first steps to managing complex tax liabilities across multiple jurisdictions.

Let us help you with:

  • business planning and due diligence
  • complex mergers and acquisitions
  • incentives and tax breaks
  • moving into China, India and South East Asia (the Grant Thornton member network has a substantial presence in mainland China, Hong Kong and India).

Issue – Increasing costs

How it affects your business

Rising prices for commodities, fuel and transportation, the high Australian dollar and the power of the major food retailers to prevent you passing on costs, leave producers with no option but to improve efficiency and minimise risk.

The key? Automation and information technologies. And the expertise to implement them effectively.

How Grant Thornton can help

We can review your supply chains to ensure the lowest cost for quality ingredients. We can also help you monitor the financial stability of your suppliers, see which customers are costing you money, process commodities efficiently, and manage waste better.


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